Volume 9 (2018)

Strategic conditions for the development of Tri-city. Conflicts and cooperation in the context of the metropolitan act

The effect of saving format (”%-off” vs. ”amount-off”) on the change of internal reference price: an empirical study

An analysis of logistic processes related to customer service in Wwürth Polska Sp. z o.o. – a case study

The national debt crisis and the Lebanese case

Development paradoxes of globalization

Do revitalization investments create the identity of cities?

Profitability of arbitrage strategies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on the example of the futures con-tracts for the WIG20 index

Impact of formal and informal institutions on devel-opment of public-private partnership in Poland

Analysis of the effectiveness of selected demand forecasting models

The effects of road taxation on the intermodal splits in the Hamburg-Le Havre range

The international competitiveness of the Visegrad Group economies

Knowledge of air quality and its share on life and health

The effectiveness of competition on the telecommunication market in Poland

Analysis and the evaluation of the investment activity of Polish local government from a point of view of their debt at the aspect of the utilization of funds EU

Entities of the Polish tourism sector in the cluster structure

Feedback as a tool of employee motivation in banks

Financial distress and financial restructuring of companies – determinants and effects

Sustainable economic development of the EU regions supported by dynamic modeled logistic and transport systems

Barriers for service providers in the EU internal market

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