List of papers published in Contemporary Economy

     The accounting profession: history and modernity
     Innovations in services based on the example of tourism
     An analysis of employee motivation systems in Pomeranian enterprises
     The roots of macroprudential policy and the risk-taking channel of monetary policy
     Fuel/carbon price vs. abatement technology in freight transport
     Problems of sustainable social and economic development of Ukraine
     Baltic states in the Eurozone: the accession process and results
     Safeguards against violations of customs rules in the modern conditions of the formation of the fiscal space of Ukraine
     Network externalities and market competitiveness
     Managing IT services as a source of innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises of the ICT sector in Poland
     Conflicts in the strategic business network operating in the foreign market
     Social activity from the point of view of the commune of the zachodniopomorskie voivodeship
     Financing renewable energy sources investment in Poland
     The duration of border control procedures related to the handling of freight transported by means of sea-road transport chains as a component in competitiveness of the Polish seaports
     Poland in and outside the euro zone – risks and benefits in the light of new political and economic determinants
     Cross-border e-commerce – problems in identification and measurement
     Methods for improving availability and efficiency of computer infrastructure in smart cities
     The influence of purchasing on savings generation in production companies
     Parameter repeatability for economy. A case study of a simple linear electrical device
     Changes in the Polish banking system after 1989
     Contemporary dilemmas of the search for new economic governance
     Location and potential Port of Gdynia as elements of its competitiveness
     Combined transport of containers on the lower Vistula
     The Institution of Duty-Free Zones in Polish seaports
     Generation Y’s interest in internet banking services – the results of empirical studies
     The dynamics of employee behaviour in the process of innovative change
     Evaluation studies in Poland in the years 2007-2013 and their critical assessment
     Risk management in the operating activities of an enterprise and in public-private partnership projects
     The capital structure of Polish companies in the light of selected theories
     Trends in unemployment during the last economic recession in Sweden
     Legal regulations and the market of insurance services in the SME sector in 2014-2015 as exemplified by Poland
     Machine learning for the self-organization of distributed systems in economic applications
     Development of shopping centers in Poland against the background of key stakeholders’ requirements
     The impact of spatial proximity to customers, suppliers and competitors on innovation activity in medium high and high technology industry in Poland
     The role of corporate entrepreneurship in competitiveness. Data analysis of quantitative. Part 4
     Procurement in the supply chain: an element of hotel product competitiveness
     Comparative analysis of polish and croatian maritime policy in the context of the integrated maritime policy of the European Union
     The precautionary procedures in the case of noncompliance with the ballast water management convention’s standards – possible solutions for polish ports
     Maritime transport in the sustainable development of Ukraine
     Capital and operational concentration in the container shipping
     Management system of knowledge workers in the contemporary enterprise
     Women’s empoyment on the background of their education and fertility rates in Poland and in selected countries of the European Union in years 2001-2013
     Interests of the member states in the Eurasian Economic Union
     The role of corporate entrepreneurship in competitiveness. Data analysis of quantitative. Part 3
     Logistic challenges of the international removals industry
     The competitiveness assessment of the Polish and German Sea ports at the Southern Baltic Sea using the multicriteria method
     Deepwather container terminal DCT. Genesis and realization of investments
     From centrality to intermediacy in the global transport network? Ukraine’s trials and tribulations as a potential transit country
     Selected models of rail markets in the context of liberalization of the rail market in Europe
     Reasons for Japan and South Korea automobile industry global sucess
     Strategic challenges of the company development in the global environment in the case of Omida Logistics Group
     The trade position of Poland in the ICT services sector
     E-customs programme – new quality of services provided by customs administrations to European business
     Direction of investments and sources of funding on hotel market in Poland
     Brand as a source of competitive banks in Poland
     The role of corporate entrepreneurship in competitiveness. Data analysis of quantitative. Part 2
     National fleet development in the innovative economy. Case study of the Greek fleet
     Port and shipping companies as global players within the maritime transport and logistics area
     Determinants of risk assessment process in critical energy infrastructure
     Impact of the global financial crisis on the credit risk management in a bank
     Neural methods for the financial prediction
     Engineering knowledge pacemaker entrepreneurship in the age of the new economy
     Socio-economic determinants of recidivism. Some problems of identification relationships using quantitative methods
     Financing of fixed asset investment in the small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland
     Infrastructure investments and economic development
     The role of corporate entrepreneurship in competitiveness. Data analysis of quantitative. Part 1
     Baltic container shipping market goes global
     Review of key retirement income methanisms in the United States
     Fractional cointegration relationships between the Polish, the Austrian and the USA direct property markets, securitized property markets and stock markets price indices
     Iphone as an example of the present luxury good – analysis of sales and prices in 2010-2014
     Spatio – temporal analysis of road accidents in Poland
     Endogenous and exogenous factors of the economic development from the perspective of finance communes
     The impact of the nationalization of the pension fund assets expressed by Treasury Bonds on public finance
     Scrubbers as shipowners’ response to the sulphur directive and its implications for the waste management in Baltic Ports
     Architecture of European System of Financial Supervision after the global economic crisis
     Bank Palmas case from Brazil as a way to fight with local crisis the XXI century
     Influence of knowledge workers on the process of creating of innovative services in enterprises from the Baltic Sea Region
     E-commerce market and perspectives for the reverse commerce
     Evaluation of e-recruitment level among the largest companies in Poland – project of research
     Some paradigms of artificial intelligence in financial computer systems
     Road transport of dangerous substance with special emphasis on liquid fuels
     Strategic market position of the Gdansk Airport
     Analysis of crime rate determinants in the subregions of Poland
     Evolution of innovation activity in the context of size of enterprises in west Pomeranian province – 
system approach
     Channels and determinants of technology diffusion
     The outline of the history of money development and of the monetary system – selected aspects of the issue
     Analysis of the investment risk in cryptocurrency Bitcoin
     Labor market – historical determinants
     Association of operating risk of long-term
obligations of municipalitiy of Sopot with European Union budget prospects for 2007-2013
     Sales documents in purchase and sale transactions 
of steam coal in Poland
     Influence of the manager on the effectiveness 
of employees in the contemporary enterprise
     Power management safety in EU and the energy policy in transportation
     Product placement in brand promotion
     Analysis of tunneling on the Polish capital market
     Conflict as a source etiology pathology 
in organization
     The participation of small and medium-sized
 enterprises in the processing of GDP – Poland on the background of the European Union
     Selected professional activation instruments 
of women during pregnancy and childbirth in Poland
     The regional differentiation of salaries and wages 
in Poland, tendencies in that respect
     Review of market mechanism features of innovation support in agriculture industry in more
 economically developed countries: strategies for Russian Federation
     Determinants of competitiveness of Denmark, Finland and Sweden during economic slowdown 2007–2013

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