Brand as a source of competitive banks in Poland

Justyna Rutecka

Competition companies enterprises in every sector of the economy. In the age of twenty-first century all parties compete with each other for recognition and trust of customers. It is a tough challenge especially in the banking services sector. These institutions are not able to stand out in the market offer, because this is similar to competitors. High barriers to entry and a large number of entities that provide services similar to banks threaten these organizations. Currently on the market of banking services is proving to be an important brand. Distinguishing itself from the competition image and brand loyalty is a source of advantage for Polish banks. The building of a strong brand plays an important role such factors as internal communication-on company, advertising, business processes, quality, relations with investors and customers. Its construction is a challenge for many banks, because around it must focus on the whole strategy of the company.

Brand as a source of competitive banks in Poland


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